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Types of Room Additions

Clients do add new rooms for many reasons-

  • Growing family and they need added bedrooms
  • Growing families that need additional bathrooms
  • Aging In Place- Clients want to age gracefully in a home that will serve their long term needs
  • Home Office
  • Expanding kitchen or dinning room
  • Expanding master bedroom]
  • Expanding master bath
  • Want a wine cellar or Beer making area for all you home brewers!
  • Want an Entertainment room
  • Need added parking
  • Want work out room
  • Mud rooms off the garage or from outside.
  • Storage converted from dead space

If you have a need I can design a space for it!

Do I go UP or Out for room additions?

This is a typically question. Most people think going up is less expensive than going out but that is not the case. There is no set answer to this question that would be accurate. The truth is each can be more expensive than the other depending on circumstances. The better question is what will work better for what you are trying achieve and what my existing conditions are like.

Where to begin when adding a new room

The feasibility study is the place to begin because it gives you the three things you need:

1) What will it look like?

2) What will it cost?

3) How long will it take?

Take a look at that section of this site for more details

Sample Project