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The Trend

The desire and trend for building outdoor living spaces is everywhere and you can see why. We have excellent weather and the idea of sitting outside around a comfortable space and outdoor entertaining is appealing.  This is why we love going on vacation to tropical warm setting and hang out around a beautiful pool that  has a bar and food service and TV. The trend is to bring some or all of these elements to our homes to enjoy with our friends and family.

What does good design consider?

  • Do you want a complete kitchen or just a grilling area?
  • Traffic Flow- how are people going to flow through the outdoor space? How is that going to tie
  • into the indoor space?
  • How do we make sure we have good shade cover for where people will be?
  • How we are going to build the space to withstand the weather for the long term- 20 years from
  • now will this still be a vibrant working space?
  • Is the area that people hang out conducive to conversation and comfort?
  • Is music in the background important to you?
  • Is the indoor kitchen and outdoor kitchen functional together? It is a deal killer if the two spaces don’t work well together.
  • Do you seriously want to entertain in this space with TV and bar features?
  • Do you need permanently working outdoor heaters?
  • Do you need wind protections?
  • What are the electrical needs in addition to the appliances?
  • Hardscapes that work with the existing home

The Cost

These outdoor living spaces are often much more expensive than people realize. This usually requires a master plans be developed in such a way that the plan can be built out over several stages. The feasibility study is a good tool to help determine phases. Clients who undertake these kinds of projects usually are going to stay in their homes for the long haul since this is a luxury item that usually does not build instant equity in a home and is more of a want than a need.

Sample Projects

  • Post and Beam Construction

Outdoor Living – Novato

What our customers are saying:

“Their team was great and they worked effectively with the City Inspector. And, the finished product was even better! They communicated with me on each aspect of the job, were creative in solving challenges and executed the project in a timely manner at the quoted price.”

—Sande M., Sausalito

“They were prompt and worked rapidly and cleaned when they completed the work. Everyone took all my cares as their own and were very helpful no matter what the situation was.”

—Clara M., Novato, CA

“Design-Build-Specialists were professional, non-intrusive and efficient. There was good communication regarding the price and project time-frame.”

—Gail H., Novato

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