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Kitchen Design & Kitchen Renovation

Good kitchen design is a combination or experience, training, and communication. It is important to ask clients the correct set of questions and listen for what they really like, need, and can afford. For example, experience has taught us to interview the client first and ask very specific questions. Does our client have a family? Does our client want to start entertaining family and out of town guests? Is the client right or left handed? This may seem like a rather simple question but the answer will affect where the appliances will be placed and the flow of the kitchen renovation.

Kitchen Remodel

Design Build Specialists can help you have a beautiful kitchen that won’t break your budget. A kitchen renovation project can sometimes feel overwhelming because there are so many options to consider. If you want an entirely brand-new kitchen, what can you really afford? Do you need all new appliances, or can some of the appliances you already have work in your new space? If you don’t plan to be in your home for more than a few years, what changes can you make that will add the most value?

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What our customers are saying:

“Their team was great and they worked effectively with the City Inspector. And, the finished product was even better! They communicated with me on each aspect of the job, were creative in solving challenges and executed the project in a timely manner at the quoted price.”

—Sande M., Sausalito

“They were prompt and worked rapidly and cleaned when they completed the work. Everyone took all my cares as their own and were very helpful no matter what the situation was.”

—Clara M., Novato, CA

“Design-Build-Specialists were professional, non-intrusive and efficient. There was good communication regarding the price and project time-frame.”

—Gail H., Novato

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