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State Of Insurance Claims 2021- A Case Study

When you are in the unfortunate situation of suffering fire or water damage to your home or business, you want to restore it beautifully, functionally and as quickly as possible. Our home restoration services provide you a fast and fair settlement from your insurance company.

Design Build Specialists has been helping home and business owners throughout Marin and Sonoma Counties, from Sausalito to Santa Rosa, restore and repair their homes and businesses from fire and water damage since 1980 though our home restoration services. We not only perform complete damage home restoration, we can also handle negotiations and payment settlements with insurance companies. For business owners, we understand that any time you are not open for business is a real problem. We know how to expedite the settlement process with your city and your insurance carrier, which frees up your time to focus on getting up and running again.

 We’ll Help with Insurance and Permitting

Restoring a fire or water damaged property requires complex tracking of a whole host of issues throughout the restoration process. You need documentation for carrier approval every step of the way. Design Build Specialists has deep expertise working with insurance companies and claims adjustors. We can handle all of the detailed and complicated communication with your insurance company, your mortgage company and your city or county to ensure that you get a fast and fair settlement.

When significant portions of your home or business need to be rebuilt due to fire or water damage, you might discover that your building is no longer up to code. You may be required to conform to new seismic codes or safety standards. Design Build Specialists keeps up-to-date on all new codes and standards throughout Marin and Sonoma Counties. We understand what is needed to make sure your insurance carrier pays all they are required to bring your home or business up to code.

Turn Your Nightmare Into Something Special

We also understand that many homeowners want to repair their home as part of their restoration. We have a very straightforward and organized way to facilitate that request.

Since we are remodeling specialists, we can help your home or business become more beautiful and functional while we restore and repair it. We can incorporate features that you’ve always wanted, such as extended ceilings or additional cabinetry. We can clearly show you how far the insurance funds will go and what additional monies it may cost to upgrade.

Design Build Specialists can help turn your nightmare into something special for you and your family. We can help you and your business recover from a catastrophe and thrive.

You’re going to like us even more at the end of the project than you did at the beginning!

Fire Restoration Projects

Large Loss Fire Restoration

Petaluma Duplex

Large Loss Fire – Peacock Gap

Commercial Building Fire Remediation

What our customers are saying:

“Their team was great and they worked effectively with the City Inspector. And, the finished product was even better! They communicated with me on each aspect of the job, were creative in solving challenges and executed the project in a timely manner at the quoted price.”

—Sande M., Sausalito

“They were prompt and worked rapidly and cleaned when they completed the work. Everyone took all my cares as their own and were very helpful no matter what the situation was.”

—Clara M., Novato, CA

“Design-Build-Specialists were professional, non-intrusive and efficient. There was good communication regarding the price and project time-frame.”

—Gail H., Novato

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