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Where To Begin

When clients want to remodel a significant portion of the home the task seems daunting and the question is where you begin. It is our opinion that the best place to start is with the Feasibility Study and this site has a section detailing what this is. In brief, the Feasibility study gives you the client the information you need to make an informed decision about moving forward. All too often contractors and Architects use your excitement about the project to lure you into a hasty decision that is the root cause of contractor horror stories. We think we have a better way. You get these three things

1) What will it look like

2) What will it cost

3) How long will it take

Once this is accomplished you have two important things

1) Information to make an Informed decision

2) The experience of working with a professional Design Build firm. We earn your trust.

The Team

Every project team is different. Yours would have some combination of these

  • Architect- That can be an independent licensed Architect and there is a place for that professional
  • Design Professional- Most of the time, and our past clients will confirm, that would be Mark Labourdette , the owner of Design Build Specialists Inc.
  • Interior Designer- We have several we work with and they each have their own skill sets.
  • Product Selection Specialists- We have several of these as well. They are interior designers who are specifically tasked with helping with product selection and don’t get involved in other design elements of the job. They are also less expensive than Interior Designers but don’t offer the same level of services as Interior Designers
  • Engineers- There are several types of engineers (Civil, Structural, Geotechnical, etc ) and we will bring in the right one for your project. Like interior designers they are not all the same.
  • Specialty Professionals- These are companies who do Title 24 calculations, Green Point Raters, special inspection companies, and a whole host of other potential specialty professionals. Again we will bring in the right company to fit your project

The Process

This is where we shine over most companies. From the very beginning of your home renovation project you will see we are process oriented. For a whole house remodel this is critical for you to have a good experience. We consider this a competitive advantage so will not articulate it here for the public. You will be shown our process in a manual at the start of the process for production projects.

Sample Projects

Large Loss Fire Restoration

Mother-In-Law in Novato

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Tiburon-Paradise Cay

Sausalito – Master Bath Addition

  • Post and Beam Construction

Outdoor Living – Novato

2nd Story Addition – San Anselmo

What our customers are saying:

“Their team was great and they worked effectively with the City Inspector. And, the finished product was even better! They communicated with me on each aspect of the job, were creative in solving challenges and executed the project in a timely manner at the quoted price.”

—Sande M., Sausalito

“They were prompt and worked rapidly and cleaned when they completed the work. Everyone took all my cares as their own and were very helpful no matter what the situation was.”

—Clara M., Novato, CA

“Design-Build-Specialists were professional, non-intrusive and efficient. There was good communication regarding the price and project time-frame.”

—Gail H., Novato

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