Mother-In-Law in Novato

Mother-In-Law in Novato

Michael and Allison were excellent clients to work with because they both appreciated our professionalism and commitment to a successful project. They were very responsive to complete tasks they needed to get done so we all could be successful. Projects like these are a TEAM effort. They also brought an interior designer to the job, Lynn Ross, who was excellent to work with. We appreciated her wisdom and experience.

The object of this project was to design a living space that maximized what the city would allow to have built, deal with a significant problem of a building adjacent to an active creek with poor soil conditions, and be a place where the client could truly enjoy a high quality of life in their retirement years. This was a project that required diligence and persistence but in the end, all parties are very happy with the outcome.

Interior Designer:
Lynn Ross
Lynn Ross Design and Imports
29 Fairhills Drive
San Rafael, CA 94901

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