Large Loss Fire Restoration

Large Loss Fire Restoration


This was a whole house fire restoration project. The insurance company was CSAA and they behaved as most insurance companies do nowadays. At first the adjuster is friendly and appears to be helpful and cuts a fairly large check – 50-60K (the cost of construction was $450,000) and you think all is well. But in the end, after 35 years of doing this and rebuilding millions of dollars of buildings, insurance companies are not your friends. If you want to know the specifics of why, I would be happy to share.

This project entailed removing the entire roof framing right down to the top plates and gutting the entire first floor down to the studs, including all the windows, much of the siding, and the entire front deck. The lower floor had us replacing the finishes. We completed the repairs on time and with the agreed cost we finally settled on with the insurance company. (Not without struggle. They thought the repairs could be done for $225,000, however, nobody agreed to that.)LLFR - Back

LLFR - Front

In the end, the client is thankful he had us in his corner and the end result you can see for yourself. The client is a very nice guy and very reasonable and I only wish CSAA had treated him better.