Outdoor Living- Trending Items

These are the most popular items people are asking for when remodeling a outdoor space

Kitchen Design Basics

Clients often ask us about the concept of “the triangle” when considering a kitchen remodel. Basically, the classic “triangle” is composed of the sink/dishwasher, the refrigerator, and the stove/oven, and kitchen designs paid careful attention to the flow between these three elements.

What has happened recently, however, is that kitchen remodels have often become larger, and Read more

Is Good Design Expensive?

Clients often ask us whether good design needs to be expensive. Here at Design Build Specialists, we don’t think it has to be. ” Good Design” has two main elements

Structural Design: Good design incorporates the needs and lifestyle of the homeowner with effective use of space planning and the right product selections. We believe that the Read more

Bathroom Remodel Trends

Bathroom remodels are always popular because it is a space we use every day and is relatively inexpensive compared to other remodels. Bathrooms offer a good “bang for the buck”.


Walk in showers with no curbs

Free Standing Tubs

Very Nice Tile Features


If there is one theme we are seeing  it is an emphasis on Comfort. Our customers are often Read more

Outdoor Living is Sweet – Building Outdoor Living Rooms

Outdoor living that brings the back yard into your everyday lifestyle  is very desirable. In the past, outdoor living meant creating a deck where the barbeque was placed. It was considered a space you used when you had company over on a warm day.  Now, people are considering the back yard as an extension of the indoor Read more

Adding a Second Unit to a San Rafael Home

Couldn’t we all use a little more “elbow room?” You’ve realized that your home needs some extra space to put up guests or a growing family. Or you need some extra room so that you can take care of your in-laws. Or how about creating a second unit so you can take in tenants for Read more

Enjoy Your Summer on Your Patio Deck

Spending time outdoors is one of the best things about summer. If you have a deck, it’s a good chance that you spend as much time as you can on it. To enjoy the space for the years to come, you must take proper care of the deck. However, anything we have outdoors is going Read more

New Technology Makes Door Replacement Extremely Affordable

Doors are a great way to easily improve the look and feel of a house. When you replace a dated front door, it adds to the charm of your property and helps increase its value. When you then also update the interior doors, it’s amazing how something so simple can utterly transform the look of Read more